Our Story



The inception of our story began in the mind and heart of a 19-year-old Alfred Yow Song Vooi. He began as an apprentice in a small furniture shop when he came to know about the British Chesterfield sofa.

The cradle of the Chesterfield began in Great Britain by the request of the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Sir Philip Stanhope. He was a British statesman, diplomat and an acclaimed wit — best remembered for his comprehensive tome published by his son’s widow, entitled Letters to His Son on the Art of Becoming a Man of the World and a Gentleman. He was also looked up to for fashion, as he once requested for furniture which would allow him to sit upright without wrinkling his suit.

The beauty and elegance of the classic Chesterfield captured the heart of our young founder, who immediately began the strenuous journey of mastering his craft in artisanal furniture. While he embodies the spirit of a Craftsman, our Founder has also gone out of his way of learning the trade in the furnishing industry.

Our Story

In 2009, A&A Chesterfield was established in Selangor, Malaysia. With over 30 years of experience in designing, crafting and manufacturing high quality furniture in Malaysia, we are now the leading leather sofa manufacturer in Malaysia, specialising in authentic Chesterfields.

After an extended time working in the furnishing industry and speaking with our clients, we found that fitting quality furniture, within a certain space for a reasonable price posed a significant problem. At A&A Chesterfield, we find joy in the task of building a quality sofa that perfectly fits your space, whether it’s in the home or office, without compromising on comfort, style and quality.

The hallmark of A&A Chesterfield furniture lies in the vigorous workmanship and attention to detail in each piece. As we began expanding, we searched high and low for the people who would join our workforce. These were people with passion, meticulousness and skills. Today, each of our craftsmen are highly trained leather specialists with more than 5 years of experience.

The leather Chesterfield sofa in Malaysia has been part of the English heritage since the 1800s, and is the epitome of elegance and sophistication in a designated space. Whether you choose to make it the centrepiece or an ornament in the home or office, rest assured your Chesterfield will stay with you for generations to come.


In a typical book, the story ends with a conclusion. However, at A&A Chesterfield, we prefer to leave the ending at the hands of our customers.

You get to pick and choose the design, size and style, and leave with satisfaction.

Because you’re not just buying furniture; you’re inviting a piece of history with unparalleled comfort and style into your space.

Story of A&A Founder

The Factory

The A&A Chesterfield experience is one like no other. We manufacture furniture in the professional capacity, with a specialisation in classical and high-quality Chesterfield sofas, for those with exquisite taste. Each Chesterfield piece is individually handmade by our experienced craftsmen using only the best materials.

The A&A Chesterfield Collection represents curated pieces of our quality craftsmanship. We place full emphasis in every detail of the craft and stringent quality control throughout the manufacturing process; from the selection of raw materials to assembling each product by hand.

We work with only the strongest wood to build durable frames, finest selection of natural materials to produce beautiful leather and the best combination of filling to fabricate comfort that allows you to melt into your seat instantly.

We are extremely proud of our reputation in providing products of the finest quality and craftsmanship to the highest possible standards.

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As with our Founder, each one of us at A&A Chesterfield have come to appreciate the beauty and elegance of the classic furniture.

The classic Chesterfield sofa is made with rolled arms that are the same height as the back, typically upholstered with leather.

For those looking for an allergen-friendly furniture, leather is a well-known hypoallergenic material (same as vinyl). Leather furniture does not trap dust mites, pet dander (fur, skin, etc.) and other allergens as easily as other materials such as polyester, cotton, and other fabric.

Choose from our wide variety of natural leather which come in a variety of colours, textures and grains.

Our couches are made to fit, made to last and made just for you.